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About Us

Originally created as a course, titled Meaningful Learning, offered to teachers and parents interested in adopting  the Always Meaningful Education approach, this video highlights some key aspects of the AME model. 

What Learners Will Experience
The Always Meaningful Education model is a long term process that builds a growth mindset for learning and self awareness, an attitude of perseverance and gratitude, and a well being of harmony.

  Self - Care 

The AME model is optimal when participants develop in all areas. In Self-care time, we’re learning about and practicing the benefits of caring for our mind, body, and spirit.


● Meditation/Prayer/Quiet Reflection
● Yoga/TaiChi/Breathwork
● Gardening
● Journal writing
● Domain Development Planning/Goal Setting

  The Process of Learning 

We combine inquiry based learning, which starts a process of learning based on interests and curiosities, with strategically crafted tools that develop executive functions, 21st century skills, and self-awareness, through the learning process; the learning journey culminates in a group developed project that is shared within a greater community, also known as an Inquiry Process Project (IPP).

  Social / Free Choice 

At AME, students are always developing their executive function skills and the free choice hour is a perfect example. It is a self-directed hour during which students will engage with learning facilitators about their day, their meals, their plans for the future and things they have done. They may choose to socialize, eat, read, create arts, work in the garden, play with and care for animals, or anything they can imagine that respects themselves, others, and the environment.  They will develop skills in time and space management, as well as their actions. Self-regulation will be encouraged and supported at all times. 

 Content Skill Development 

With the support of trained teachers, participants work on grade level skills, following a traditional scope and sequence for core content subjects: math/ ELA/ Science/ Social Studies. The teachers are experts in curriculum programs and can help offer a variety of options to meet each learner’s preference. They will predominantly work on their devices in programs that will produce data about their progress.

  Foreign Language 

We currently have German, Spanish, and English staff and are always looking for innovative ways to include foreign language in our programming so that we can help our international students develop linguistically. 

  Visual & Performance Arts 

Alexandra is a trained and experienced actor who loves performance arts. She will invite AME students and local community to participate in drama club program that will culminate in productions shared with the community. Students will also participate in interdisciplinary project's that will integrate art into everyday learning. In addition, students always have the option to use art during self-directed hour. 

The AME model is designed to foster intrinsic motivation and innate desire for learning and growth.  Groups will work together to determine success criteria and create rubrics to evaluate; the data will be analyzed to help collaboratively set continuing growth targets. A learning mindset is our goal.

Parents will also be invited to join ClassDojo, which is a platform that will record narratives about our day, work in student portfolios, and a point system that the students and facilitators will build together as we decide what skills and behaviors we want to track and reflect on in each learning journey. Families may also opt to participate in bi-annual MAP test which provide lengthy data about grade level content. Finally, the platforms used for online skills development segment will produce data about how students are progressing and students and parents will regularly receive this information.

Parents currently receive a monthly report that summarizes their child's online content skills development and progress.  Additionally, we have partnered with Home Life Academy (HLA) which provides an apostille, which is comparable to the certified grades one would receive from a private school in USA. Now, you will have official grades that you can take with you as move onto higher education or other schools.

Reflecting, Evaluating, & Reporting

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