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Originally created as a course, titled Meaningful Learning, offered to teachers and parents interested in adopting  the Always Meaningful Education approach, this video highlights some key aspects of the AME model. 

 Services and Fees

AME is an approach to learning that focuses on developing the skills and strategies that help us understand how to learn.  We cultivate curiosity and encourage learners to pursue individual topics of interest and collaborative goals, generated within a group. As we take these learning journeys together we start from inquiry or a collective experience, then we examine them through the lens of subject integration. Students learn how to use tools and strategies that support them in understanding, applying, creating and sharing their new knowledge. The model also helps learners understand and value self-care as an essential element for successful satisfying living.


12 months with flexible vacationing

● ½ day (4 hrs.) full year $6,600   
● Full day (6.5 hrs.) full year $10,000 

10 months 

● ½ day $5,900
● Full day $9,300


weekly or monthly class

● 1 mo. ½ day $1600
● 1 wk. ½ day $500

Other costs

Parents may also opt to purchase the home-school secretary. This additional service would be designed to remove the paperwork and filing required by the homeschool association of your state. You may opt out, in which case we will provide the necessary evidence and you can manage the filing details with your state.
All students will need to have a device and at least 1 notebook and writing tools, at all times during school. Students in the full day program or those wanting food in the ½ day program must bring their own lunch AME provides healthy food snacks such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Full, reusable water bottles should be brought daily, and can be filled at school when needed.
Parents should provide additional clothes or resources for swimming, gardening, yoga or other exercise as needed by the students.
Big project or field trip expenses will be shared with the AME community to decide how to gather
needed funds. If a resource is needed, parents, students, and practitioners will be invited to participate in a brainstorming session and fundraising event to collect what is needed.

Special Rates

12 Month Pioneering Families’ First Year

We are offering a one-time 20% discount off the total bill for families
who commit to spending their 1st full year (12 months) with us by the end of April 2022. The full amount
is not due in advance but can be discussed on an individual basis.


10 Month Pioneering Families’ First Year

We are offering a one-time 10% discount off the total bill for families
who commit to spending their first full school year (10 months) with us by the end of April 2022.
Installments can be discussed




After the 1st child pays full amount of the program they choose, the 1st younger
sibling may use an annual 10% discount and 2nd youngest sibling may pay an additional 5% less


Advance Payment

You may opt for a 5% discount if you pay for ½ the year in advance. You
may pay 5% less for the September-February ½ by paying for Sept-Feb. by August 1st, and 5% less for
March-August ½ by paying the full amount by February 1.

We are waiving the registration fee, expecting that some will be registering with their state homeschool

Empowering Learners

Meet Our Experts

Alexandra Macare

Mother of 2 daughters. Originally from Philadelphia, PA. USA.

Studied Early Childhood and Elementary education at BS level and School Leadership and Reading at graduate level, and attended courses at doctoral level in Cognitive Development and Instruction at the University of Delaware. Currently studying courses at HGSE relating to Innovative Instruction and Leadership.

Experience teaching in private and public schools from pre-school through 2nd year college, including special education, and talented and gifted, in the USA and UAE.


Administrative experience as principal and charter school developer in USA, and teacher leader and presenter, and secondary school administrator in UAE.

Joseph Macare

Stepfather of 2 daughters. Originally from Newark DE. USA.

Studied business finance and management, followed math and business secondary instruction at BS level. Certified arborist employee in the field for over 10 years.

Experience teaching special

education, math, business and economics in middle and high school in the UAE. Tutor for high school and university students in all subjects.​

Tarsha Benevento

Mother of 2 sons, lives in Boston MA, originally from NY, USA.

Studied Education and Psychology at BS level and School Administration at the graduate level. Tarsha also studied at the doctoral level at Columbia University in the Teacher's College Reading and Writing Project.

Certified as a Parent Advocate and experienced in teaching and serving in NYC public schools as Assistant Principal. 


Mrs. Benevento will be our primary school leader when a substitute is needed. She spent 4 months learning the AME model in our joint school program in TCI in 2021. 

Mery Lois

Mery Lois is one of the AME parents. She is a local mom with 1 son  who is an experienced foreign language teacher among many other things. She will grace us with her talents during the Self-directed hour during which time she will engage the students in conversation in French or Spanish. Through modeling of appropriate grammar and syntax, and expanding vocabulary, AME students will enjoy meaningful and relevant lessons through dialogue. Mery studied Social Communications at the university. She is a 500h certified yoga instructor, an ayurvedic massage therapist, an active participant of gifting economy systems and Energy Guide/ Coach. 

Lea Call

Lea is a 27-year-old from Toronto, Canada. She has been living in the Dominican Republic for 5 years. Lea is the assistant at AME and her duties include but are not limited to classroom support, administrative tasks, and assisting staff and students with the day-to-day.

Studied business at a Bcom level and Social Justice Studies at a BA level. She has over 10 years of experience in administration work and speaks both English and Spanish.

Jenny Martinez

Jenny is a 32-year-old Dominican national. Born in Puerto Plata, she now resides in Cabarete with her 3-year-old son. Here at AME, Jenny’s responsibilities include staff and student support as well as facility maintenance and management.

Jenny has over 9 years of experience working with students at a primary school level at the Mariposa School located in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. On top of her extensive experience, Jenny has a post-secondary diploma in teaching with a focus on the Montessori method.

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