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Teacher Training Retreat

Hello teachers, we are offering teacher retreat training programs. Want to come to Cabarete and see first hand how this unique model impacts learners, while enjoying the beautiful beaches and Dominican culture? Teachers will enjoy private room and bathroom with beach views, steps from the beach and access to the pool. After daily learning sessions with students, teachers will have time to ask questions and discuss strategies with AME founder Alexandra Macare.  A certificate of hours and recognition of participation will be provided. Please email us for details.

Virtual AME for Homeschoolers

If you can't join us on location in Cabarete, you and your learners can still benefit from this successful model. You can sign up to join us virtually. We will have live webcam and recorded sessions. You can copy the model directly or follow the parts that meet your needs. There is a small fee to gain access to the sessions. You can also sign up for the virtual school with support. Fees and course information available on this site.  Send us an email for more details.

AME Consulting

Are you interested in using the AME in your homeschool or micro-school and want in-person support? Alexandra has helped families make the transition from traditional school to homeschooling. She offers parenting and learning consultations, student assessments, and teacher recruiting and training for those who want their young developing learners to have this optimal experience. Send requests to the AME email and we will set up an appointment to discover how we can best get you started.

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