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Divergent thinking succinctly describes how I approach each new learning experience and opportunity. This short video highlights how current traditional schools, over time, kill a child's seemingly innate ability to think divergently. An interesting study revealed just how much.

A book our school collaborated on in TCI, 2021. Made by kids using the AME model.



The Art of Learning Project supports educators, parents, coaches, and students in carving their own paths to excellence.


PNTV: The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin (#344)

This summary of the book "The Art of Learning" encapsulates the beliefs practiced in the AME model.

Ricardo is helping revolutionize education in the EU and wants to bring his learning techniques to AME and the Cabarete community. We will host him this school year, likely near December.  His proven strategies help kids learn the basics in content subjects, quickly and easily, freeing them to focus of other areas of development. Currently his work is in German but he is actively translating his many videos that teach math, chemistry, physics, speed reading, and other amazing strategies that help learners comprehend and remember that many formulas and functions that are essential to the foundations of the content subjects.


The traditional schooling is a failure, it is a system that was designed 150 years ago by men in suits meant to create workers not...


Devin Vodicka It was already past time for us to revisit the purpose of school. Now we are compelled to do so. In fact, the first step in reopening school this fall, in whatever form we can muster,


Two brains that work differently are better than two that work in the same way.


For 40 years, children have educated themselves at this school.

8 students worked together to create this rap video after we studied the plastic problem in ocean.

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