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1. Is your school or model accredited?


The AME model is currently being processed to meet international accreditation policies and procedures.  Additionally, the Cabarete school is being processed as an accredited private school of the Dominican Republic. 

2. How do students earn credit? 

Students that have participated in an AME model school up to 2022, have primarily been homeschooled and consequently meet the unique requirements of their home country and local jurisdiction. As AME undergoes the licensing process, students are encouraged to enroll as homeschooled, and families may work with AME staff to ensure all requirements are met and supplied to the necessary agency. 

3. How do you know where they are in the subject and grade level academic progress?

Learners in the AME model are engaged in a deeply integrated learning process which extends far beyond the requirements of grade level content. To maintain the connection with grade level content progress should the need arise, students in the full-day program also undergo content subject skill development, which follows the scope and sequence most closely associated with the Common Core curriculum and Nation standards of the USA. They receive regular data about their progress. All students at AME are invited to participate in the bi-annual administration of the MAP test, which provides data about grade level content and averages amongst other students in the subject and age brackets of the test takers. 

4. How can learners access the AME model?

Currently, learners may access the model at our onsite location in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. Students may join us for  a school year, or they may join us during vacation or short term stays ranging from weekly to monthly.  Outside of Cabarete, learners can join us live, virtually, each day and follow our Cabarete group in real time, or they can watch recorded sessions and adapt to their time-zone and/or amend aspects of the model to meet their needs.

5. How can I use the AME model in my school or home?

We encourage people guiding young earners development to consider the AME approach as we have practiced and cultivated it to help young humans grow in all areas of their life experience and view life-long learning and contribution as key to their human experience. For these reasons we offer training.  We have on site immersive training and facilitator retreats at the Cabarete beach side location, where adults will experience firsthand how learners engage with this unique learning approach. Additionally, AME founder Alexandra Macare has dedicated time for on- location consulting and training for those who would like support initiating the model in their home or school.

6. Are there any other AME on-site locations?

September of 2022 we established the first stationary school to house the previously traveling AME model. We are also invited to bring the AME model to the Netherlands and Thailand and in the process of building these potentialities.  If you are interested in having an AME school near you, please reach out to us. It is our mission to see kids all over the world blossoming through education models like AME.



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